For installations where we search for the functionality and automation of lighting, where human action is not required to make changes, it is recommended Mundosoft Standalone range. We have two different types available; U8, which automatically controls light and color changes, up to 512 channels in one zone, and UE7, which controls 1024 channels in different areas (up to 20.000 channels by USB or Ethernet connection).
Those controllers can be activated by external ports triggering (potential-free contact), time triggering with daylight saving and "sunset/sunrise" function. Also recommend for energy saving applications. Especially indicated for advanced architectural lighting control; façades, malls, hotels, gardens, fountains, etc.

  • DMX 512-A
  • IP20
  • 9 V DC
  • Class III
  • PC
  • Ta 0°C - Ta 32°C
  • CE
  • RoHS

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