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Barceló Sants Hotel, Barcelona
Barceló Sants Hotel, Barcelona

MCI Group participated in the renovation of a prestigious 4 stars hotel in Barcelona, and creates a new concept in lighting 100% based on LED technology, together with the Department of Interior Architecture of the same hotel chain.

The plan consists of total replacement of conventional light sources with light sources based on LED technology in all 108 rooms and all areas of the hotel.

The lighting concept of the project is to illuminate indirectly all the areas of the hotel without making changes to the hotel architecture. Therefore, we chose to use mostly flexible linear lighting products, and created a warm atmosphere to ensure maximum comfort for hotel guests.

The Linear Flex Ultra Bright Warm White was used to illuminate the common area of the elevators. The fixture is installed in the cavity at the top of the elevator doors, creating a completely uniform, indirect, and high performance light.

The same product has also been used to illuminate the room numbers subtly and discreetly.

We used various lights for the lighting of the hotel room interiors, depending on the specific lighting effect that the client wanted to achieve.

Placed in the back of the front part of the bed, is a strip of Linear Flex LED Ultra Bright Warm White. Used for general illumination, its small size enabled seamless integration into any surface and provided a warm and welcoming light for the environment.

In the back of the curtains, we have installed 4 downlights PIKA 3x1W MR16 lamps.

On both sides of the bed, we have placed 3W GILALED reading lights with white finished. The products are custom made for this project to match the room designs; our standard finish is aluminium color.

Finally, three PIKA MR16 6x1W downlights were placed in the bathroom area for general illumination. In addition, some strips of Linear Flex LED Outdoor Warm White, 60 SMD LEDs / m, 24W consumption were installed for mood lighting. They are very suitable for bathroom applications thanks to its IP65 protection rating.

All of these energy saving measures in lighting will have a significant impact on the operating costs of the hotel.

Do not hesitate to contact us for a personalized and professional assessment of how to implement energy saving lighting using LED technology in your business.

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