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A'Barra Restaurant

The A'Barra restaurant, located in Madrid, opened its doors last May 2016. A bright and spacious restaurant distributed in different environments with an extraordinary staging to enjoy top quality food. A contemporary space, whose decoration is inspired by a Oak, and where noble materials as wood, granite and quartz predominate.

A'Barra is composed by several spaces; the Joselito Room, the Bar (Barra), five private and a main dining room, which allows the client to live different experiences.

Grupo MCI has been commissioned to light up this ambitious project with flexible strips, Linear Flex®, and downlight LED, Downito® 110.

The Barra, made in granite and wrapped oak, is considered the central pillar of this new gastronomic space. The Barra is the most sophisticated and daring A'Barra space. Live cooking to delight a maximum of 22 customers. An unforgettable culinary and sensory experience. To illuminate this charming area, Linear Flex® RGBW have been integrated on the slats of the roof. Its small size enables it to be seamlessly integrated into architectural spaces providing high performance indirect lighting.

To illuminate this room, where only a selection of Champagnes and Sherries to go with Joselito vintage cured ham, declared the best ham in the world, are served, our flexible stripe Linear Flex® RGBW was installed as cove lighting. Also the LED stripe was integrated to light up the stalactite decorative luminaire placed on the corner of the room.

To light up with indirect light all the perimeters, our flexible stripe Linear Flex® Ultra Plus was used in order to create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. The 33.6W/m version provides a high light output up to 2750 lm /m.

Finally to light up the hall and entrance, our LED downlight, Downito® 110, in warm white with white finish and passive gold reflector, was installed. Downito 110 is a downlight multi-power (16 W to 32 W), perfect for general and ambient lighting. The design of its actives 40º and 70º reflectors, designed by Bartenbach GmbH, allows us to distribute light with unique precision and high performance up to 110 lm/W. Furthermore, this LED downlight offers the possibility of combine 4 types of passive reflectors in different finishes; white, black, aluminum and gold. Design, precision and high performance, the perfect combination for your lighting project.

Behind this ambitious project are the Albora Group and its partners, Jose Gomez, from Joselito; Cayo Martínez, who owns Conservas Navarra LC, and the room director Jorge Davila, who acts as manager.

According to José Gómez "This project is a commitment from the heart not from the business. We combine high quality and a first class team with acceptable prices".

The Albora Group team, beyond profitability, is seeking to excite the diner, and certainly have not skimped on resources: 7 million euros investment, 700 square meter, over 700 references of wine, a wine celler with 8,000 bottles and a team of 14 chefs, makes A'Barra a placed to be visit" says Jose Gomez from Joselito.


Client: A'Barra
Surface: 700 m2
Location: Del Pinar, 15 Street · Madrid
Architect and interior studio: Silka and Héctor Barrio Studio
Distributor: Electricidad Guerra Soria
Photos: by A'Barra Restaurant

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Gavà Barcelona (Spain)
T. + 34 93 630 28 00
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