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Amandolier Building · Geneva

On the 17th of June, almost just when the World Cup started, the new office building "Amandolier Building" switch on the lights. The building is located on Route de Chene 30 in Geneva. On the occasion of the World Cup, the Swiss flag will be displayed on the glass façades of this exceptional building,on the evenings when the national team is playing a match.
SPG ProRenova, a specialist in the renovation of buildings, parking lots and offices, was called to study the full replacement of the Amandolier Building lighting at the beginning of the summer. The façade lighting, which was fifteen years old, needed updating in both its technological and its environmental aspects. ln partnership with the architectural lighting engineers of Lighting Design Collective, SPG ProRenova devised a lighting concept combining modernity and visual art.
Once the concept was defined, LDC contacted GRUPO MCI to make the project reality. A custom-made wall washer fixtures, controllable point a point, RGBW, with asymmetric optic to better control the light, was to be integrated where the other luminaries were placed.
In total 340 luminaires were manufactured; 320 units with a linear shape of 1200 meters, and 20 units with a corner-shaped, to illuminate the 5 floors that illuminates the building.
The elegant cubic structure of the Amandolier Building serves more than a simple functional purpose: by day, it reflects the life of the city, and by night, it takes on a life of its own with a spectacular light show. The lights seem to dance across the façades, transforming the entire building into a true work of contemporary art. As a result, its visual identity is constantly renewed, playing out full-fledged scenarios of colour and light play from the moment night falls.
"This is not just a building lit up at night, it's a piece of art that interact with the surroundings" - Juan Travieso, Service Manager SPG ProRenova.


Fabio Fossati - Architects S.A
SPG ProRenova
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LDC Lighting Design Collective, Madrid
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