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Barranco de Santos, Tenerife

In September 2008, MCI Group developed the LED lighitng system for one of the roads besides the Barranco de Santos ("the ravine of the Saints") in Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Canary Island).

This project involved the illumination with LED technology of the interior parts of the walls of the roads, which lead from the city center of Santa Cruz de Tenerife to the beach front. There was no need to have streep lamps all along the road.


The R&D staff of MCI Group proposed to use our LedFloodStrip to be placed inside 536 galvanized iron fences which measured 292 cm long, 76cm high and 20 cm thick. These galvanized iron fences run along the approximately 3 kilometer long road, they form the boundary between the vehicle traffic side and the pedestrian traffic side.

On the vehicle traffic side, our product LedFloodStrip in white colour served the function of guidance and safety for the vehicles. On the pedestrian traffic side, our product Ledfloodstrip "LFS" in colour changing RGB served as decorative lighting for the pedestrian walkway.
Vehicle traffic side:

4 tubes of 1.34 m LedFloodStrip with 105 White Super Flux LEDs (dimension 12.7 mm x 12.7 mm) with aluminum cable channels.

Pedestrian traffic side:

2 tubes of 1.34 m LedFloodStrip with 120 FULL COLOUR RGB LEDs.

Electrical design

In order to ensure reliable data signal transmission along the whole 3 kilometer road length, we utilized special fiber optics lines which are ten times faster than the normal Belden cables, these cables work in conjunction with our CPU with DMX512A protocol installed inside the IP rated box.

Furthermore, special electronic designs were used inside the PCB board of both our LedFloodStrip White (80 LEDs/m) and LedFloodStrip RGB (90 LEDs / m).

Mechanical design

In order to fix the LedFloodStrip securely into the galvanized iron walls, special end caps had to be constructed with precise laser cutting, and with special anchors for easy mounting.


MCI Group offered its personalized technical support before, during, and after the execution of the project, with periodic onsite visits to the worksite to ensure correct installation by the electrical installers and perfect functioning of the whole LED lighting system.

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