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Building Lobby · Barcelona
Building Lobby · Barcelona

GRUPO MCI has participated in the interior design lighting project for a new office building lobby, located on Numancia Street in Barcelona. The interior project design was by Frederic Perers.

For both general and accent lighting of the lobby, downlight luminaires by the Italian brand Flexalighting by GRUPO MCI, were used.

It is very important that a worker or visitor that enters a building feel comfortable and easily find his way. To create this atmosphere, it is recommendable to use a mixture of direct and indirect warm light, to create a pleasant and comfortable environment.

In this particular case, Frederic Perers decided to use for general lighting recessed trimless luminaires ZERO 6W, with anti-glare grid, a 40º beam angle, 3000K color temperature, and with a luminous flux of 400lm.

ZERO is a revolutionary trimless, recessed fixture, with diameters starting from just 30mm and an extremely clean and simple fixing system, offer innovative compositional possibilities and recessed optics for high viewing comfort. Available in multiple beam angles and ideal for applications ranging from the accenting of display elements and architectural details to general lighting.

To enhance the elevators and waiting benches area, adjustable recessed downlight, RAÚL 10W, were installed.

The RAÚL range of adjustable recessed fixtures matches utmost performance to incredible compactness. Revolutionary in dissipative, functional design, it offers the possibility to combine colour temperatures and beam angles in CRI85 and CRI93 versions. The anti-glare filter accessory, which can be applied to the installed product, guarantees optimal viewing comfort.

Finally, in the reception desk area, micro downlight, SKY 1W, with a luminous flux of 75 lm was used. The Sky range combines extremely small dimensions with a wide range of optics and finishes. Attention to mechanical and optical performance guarantees the highest quality product for the creation of starry skies or subtle light accents.


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