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Conservas Dani, Barcelona

Dani is one of the most important spice and food preserves companies of today, located in Vilassar de Mar, Barcelona. For their new production areas the Company have installed recessed High Lite® luminaires from Grupo MCI.

High Lite® is a very efficient luminaire for industrial lighting as it provides great light output (up to 100 lm/ W). In this project an average above 500 lux in all working areas was achieved.

The luminaire is available in 4 versions (375 mm | 750 mm | 1125 mm | 1500 mm), 2 optics (with reflector or lens) and different types of beam angles (26° | 45° | 65º° |70° | 110°).

Daniel Sanchez Llibre, CEO of Dani, in an interview with Grupo MCI said "I'm not only happy with the result, I am actually presuming about the fixtures, both for the aesthetically result and for the energy saving"

Nowadays, with energy prices increasing, lighting make up about 35% of total energy consumption in the company, so luminaries as High Lite® play a key role in achieving substantial savings in energy consumption.

Another important factor to consider is that to have a good lighting system in the workplace to boosts productivity, improving the mood and welfare of the employees.

Different studies claim that proper lighting generates energy savings over 80% and improves productivity between 10% and 20% in offices, stores, businesses and industries. However, a bad lighting installation causes the worker to eyestrain, eye fatigue and decreasing job performance.

• Light for high ceilings
• 2 versions: with reflector or with lens
• Luminous flux range from 4000 to 26000 lm
• Luminaire efficacy 100 lm/W
• Easy changeable driver
• Easy changeable LED modules under request
• Excellent uniformity
• Extra flat (55 mm) and antiglare
• Modular light fixture every 375 mm
• Thermal test certificate
• BIN control

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