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Disfrutar Restaurant, Barcelona
Disfrutar Restaurant, Barcelona

After years of working on and strengthening the restaurant ‘Compartir' in Cadaqués, the three top chefs, Mateu Casañas, Oriol Castro and Eduard Xatruch, that all worked at elBulli Restaurante, together with Ferràn Adrià, opened a new gastronomic space in Barcelona, called ‘Disfrutar', designed by El Equipo Creativo.

The restaurant's atmosphere is directly inspired by the Mediterranean and Barcelona. The main elements used in the space's creation, clay and plaster, were worked into the shapes that would create unique spaces within the restaurant: the entrance with a bar and tables for up to 20 people; the kitchen- traversed by guests; and a back room with a capacity of 50 people.

For the indirect lighting of the main dining room, bar, terrace and common areas Linear Flex Basic 24W and 43W by Grupo MCI were used. The product is very flexible and can be installed easily onto any surface. Its small size enables it to be seamlessly integrated into architectural spaces, creating a cozy and intimate atmosphere providing a great visual comfort.

On the working area, where functional light is required, LedfloodStrip® was used. This fixture is mainly characterized for its reduced dimensions, low consumption and high performance providing a uniform and continuous light.

In order to create different lighting scenes, all the fixtures are controlled by DALI. This type of protocol allows the customer to play with the light depending its requirement.

As the owners said, ‘Disfrutar' will not be a replica of ‘Compartir'. It is a completely different concept but our inherent tendencies to do things our way will be present.


Design: El Equipo Creativo. Oliver Franz Schmidt + Natali Canas del Pozo + Lucas Echeveste Lacy
Collaborators: Mark J. Feijoo, Anna Martinez, Christopher Panel, Néstor Veloso, Anna Serra, Cristina Huguet, Clara Manchon
Lighting Designer: La Invisible
Constructor | Installer: Grup Arteco
Photo: Adrià Goula

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