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Dynamic light for Royal Walls of Ceuta
Dynamic light for Royal Walls of Ceuta

The Royal Walls of Ceuta "Murallas Reales de Ceuta” are a line of fortification in Ceuta, an autonomous Spanish city in north Africa. The walls date from 962 in its oldest part and the most modern parts are from the 18th century.

Grupo MCI has illuminated these amazing walls with 90 Square Grazer® 2x66 LEDs RGBW floodlight, fulfilling to the council technical specifications.

The aim of this project was to highlight the beauty of the walls and the cannons with a reduced consumption and personalize the walls in different colors according to certain days. For example, in rose color for cancer day. Pure white is the color selected for the rest of the days to highlight the architecture of the walls. This is the reason why Square Grazer® with RGB+WHITE LEDs has been chosen.

As observed in the pictures, the floodlights are completely integrated in the line of fortification, therefore the light is the protagonist instead of the projectors.


Project location: Ceuta (Spain)
Light project: Manuel Jurado / Grupo MCI
Distributor: Guerin Grupo Sonepar
Product used: Square Grazer 160W RGBW (6000K) 10x50º
Photograph: Coca & Carmona

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