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Foris by David Scognamiglio

From 12th to 15th of January took place in Santiago de Chile, Company 1263. A short-lived, pop-up show, run by One Moment Art, an itinerant gallery that takes patrimonial and museum graphic spaces to develop exhibition projects that also involve the Creation and dissemination of content. The coordinator, Pedro Donoso, invited ten artists working in various formats to intervene and occupy Casa Goycolea, a neoclassical patrimonial space with almost 150 years of history located in the center of Santiago de Chile.

David Scognamiglio, member of Company 1263, presented its work Foris. A work that wants to reflect the word Foris (in Latin means from the outside), from which the ideas of outsider and forest.

The installation operates on two scales: a semi-geometrical figure of lines of light draws a light path that traverses the space and dispenses the boundaries between interior and exterior of the building. And on another level, a rectangle of water accumulated in the ground, reflects the lines of light and the surrounding buildings.

Foris connects with a serial of installations made by David Scognamiglio, who through light and water, points to the creation of symbolic places.

David Scognamiglio uses Flexible Linear Flex® strips from Grupo MCI to carry out his works.


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