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Hard Rock Cafe, Barcelona
Hard Rock Cafe, Barcelona

To celebrate the15th anniversary, Hard Rock Cafe Barcelona has completed the renovation of the legendary restaurant located in the city center of Barcelona, at Plaza Catalunya.

Together with Requejo Installers, and following the guidelines set by the engineering company Ibinser, Grupo MCI has been responsible for carrying out the lighting project at Hard Rock Cafe.

The new restaurant is divided in four different areas; two lounge areas, a stage for concerts that and the central bar.

The bar area is located in the middle of the restaurant and is accessible from all the other areas. This space is illuminated with Linear Flex Outdoor 72W creating a warm white floating effect. In the middle of the bar a composition of different sizes decorative spheres are pending from the ceiling, now illuminated with 12 ceiling fixtures Inda Spot GU10.

On the roof of the two lounge areas the Linear Flex has been installed to create cove lighting effect in the craters. The Linear Flex is dimmable and each spot is individually controlled in order to create different atmospheres to achieve the lighting effect desired by the customer.

The Linear Flex is the perfect solution for applications with curving linear surfaces or limited spaces, and it's used to provide high performance indirect lighting. The product is very flexible and can be installed onto any surface easily . Its small size enables it to be seamlessly integrated into architectural spaces.

Besides using Linear Flex in the areas already mentioned, the flexible luminaire have also been installed as indirect lighting at the columns, the mirrors from the toilets and in all the guitar displays showing genuine guitars from worldwide artists such as Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Keith Richards and many other artists from the music world.

With this great new look, the Hard Rock Cafe Barcelona now breathes a modern and sophisticated atmosphere, which blends the warmth of wood with different white lighting effects.

Despite of the big changes, Hard Rock Cafe will maintain its philosophy, which translates to make the customer feel as comfortable as in your own home, thanks to a great team dedicated, friendly and passionate for the music, all working together to provide excellent service.


Contractor: Instalaciones Requejo S.L. (
Engineering: Ibinser
Photography: Arnaud Bayle
Luminaries: Mundocolor Iluminación Técnica and Mundolighting

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