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Honda Parra-Castillo, Sevilla
Honda Parra-Castillo, Sevilla

Recently, a new official dealer of the well-known Honda Motors, Honda Parra-Castillo, opened in Seville.

For general lighting of the concessionaire, around 130 Euro Spot G12 60º de 70W CDM-T from the Big White catalogue were installed.

This type of adjustable projectors for three phases rail track system, are perfect for shops and commercial lighting spaces for its high efficiency.

To achieve different lighting effects in the same space, these projectors incorporate different optical options. For example, highly concentrated beam angles (15 °) for accent lighting or to highlight different architectural areas, or open beams angles (60º) to illuminate general spaces, wall washing effects, surfaces or elements of larger exposure.

The Euro Spot G12 is available in three different finishes: white, black and silver-grey.

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