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Shenton Way, Singapore
Shenton Way, Singapore

Together with our distributor in Singapore, Grupo MCI was selected to highlight an impressive building on Shenton Way with our flexible fixture SmartLedFlex®.

In total 900 meters of SmartLedFlex® round, with a colour temperature of 3000K, have been installed. The fixture perfectly fit on the facade and allows us to enhance the qualities of the architectural building without altering the architecture itself.

Shenton Way is a major trunk road in Singapore's central business district, most known for the commercial skyscrapers flanking both sides of the road. Officially opened in 1951, it became known as Singapore's Wall Street.

SmartLedFlex® is a flexible linear lighting product suitable for outdoor applications (IP66) and perfect for decorative lighting as it provides a high performance homogenous light to highlight perimeters and outlines buildings. The flexible fixtures has 100 LEDs/m. SMD Nichia Side View enclosed in special flexible polymer material, which allow the product to be bent into different winding shapes and the product is protected against UV rays due to the silicone outer shell.

SmartLedFlex® is available in a wide range of colours, 2700K, 3500K, 5200K, yellow, amber, red, blue, green or RGB, and two versions; square and round, depending the lighting effect that the customer want to achieve.


Pictures: Nathalie Ziegler

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