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Opera Theatre of Maracay, Venezuela
Opera Theatre of Maracay, Venezuela

After a year and a half of work and 800 million bolivars invested, the Opera Theatre of Maracay, declared a National Historic Landmark in 1994, was reopened on the 30th of October 2015, in the state of Aragua (Venezuela).

The Opera Theatre was built in 1932 by architects Luis Carlos Raul Villanueva Malaussena, who were inspired by the Palais Garnier Opera in Paris.

In order to offer a high light output and to reduce up to 70% the original power consumption, Grupo MCI luminaires are used to light up the indoor and outdoor refurbished building. This was explained by Giancarlo Merlotti, representing of Altrom CA, company responsible for the entire installation. Merlotti stressed that on the outdoor of the Theatre have placed more than 380 LED lights, 15,000 meters of cable with a voltage of 220 volts.

To illuminate the façade with uniform light effect, two types of projectors were used. To highlight the top of the facade high power projectors Square Grazer® in different versions, 40 LEDs, 66 LEDs and 66x2 LEDs, were placed. On the lower parts of the building, recessed and surface Line Grazer® projectors were installed, both in RGBW.

Square Grazer®´s unique design, with PSU integrated, is a perfect solution for architectural illumination that provides a lumen out from 3.000lm to 10.000lm and perfectly fits as part of the architecture. The swivel head projector comes with a wide range of colors (from cold white to RGBW) and optics (9º, 28º, 45 and 10x50) which helps to create many lighting atmospheres with great precision.

Square Grazer finds the optimal balance between aesthetical and functional values, technical perfection and easy mounting.

On the other hand, Line Grazer® is a linear lighting wall washer with a robust aluminium housing and a UV resistant glass cover. The product suits perfectly for highlighting outdoor applications offering powerful and efficient wall washing effects and providing a high environmental protection grade (IP66) as well as impact resistance (IK09).

Line Grazer® is available in a range of monochromatic or color changing temperatures, controlled via DMX or DALI. Also a wide range of beam angles and mounting options are available.

To highlight the large windows around the building, our flexible luminaire SmartLedFlex® were installed. This luminaire, besides creating a backlit effect on the windows, it is perfect for decorative architectural illumination that provides a high performance homogenous light without visible dots.

In the auditorium, LED Step Profiles from the Safety and Decorative Lighting catalogue where installed. Grupo MCI also offers a wide range of safety and decorative lighting profiles for stairs that have been designed specifically to suit interior environments such as auditorium, where light is required for safety to protect the public from slips, trips and falls.

All this spectacular lighting system that has been implemented in the building allows us to highlight the architectural aspects of the building at night. During the day, the lights are completely integrated into the building without disturbing the architecture design.

The lighting control system of the luminaires is done by DMX communication protocol. A very versatile protocol for light control that allows customers to interact, personalize and create different lighting scenes depending on the customer's needs.


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