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Sainte-Madeleine Church (France)
Sainte-Madeleine Church (France)

GRUPO MCI, Spanish manufacturer of Architectural led lighting; was the company in charge of lighting up the symbolic church of Sainte-Madeleine at Châtelaillon-Plage (France); with the main aim of highlighting its natural beauty in order to draw public’s attention. This church built in XIX is located in the western coast of France; just to a few kms from la Rochelle.Châtelaillon-Plage’s City Hall was in charge of its restoration.

The outdoor lighting was developped with MCI Line Grazer luminaires using the technologyRGBW-DMX. The lighting requirements were to beautify the architectonics elements such as arches, columns, cornices, windows… in order to create fixed and dynamic scenes thanks to the light colour controllers.
The Line Grazer range supplied with RGBW LEDs , red (R), green(G), blue (B) and White (W), allows to create different scenes with just one colour or a dynamic option changing the scenes to different colours.
For the church perimeter MCI used also its Line Grazer but in this case in the recessed option.

GRUPO MCI, withs its own manufactured brands MCI LIGHT and HOFFLIGHTS offers to all its clients innovative and efficient lighting solutions to the best quality and price for indoor and outdoor applications.


Photographer: Jean-Baptiste Guerlesquin
Client: Selux

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