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San Agustin Square, Córdoba
San Agustin Square, Córdoba

The new San Agustin Square in Córdoba was recently inaugurated, with the purpose to attract and welcome more people and tourist to the area. The total refurbishment investment was around half a million of Euros.

To highlight the perimeter of the square, creating a cove lighting and a floating effect, SmartLedFlex® was installed. In addition, to outline and give a touch of light and color to the planters-bench, SmartLedFlex® Grupo MCI was also installed. In both cases we used a color temperature of 4000K.

SmartLedFlex® is a flexible linear luminaire for outdoor applications (IP66) and perfect for decorative architectural illumination due to it provides high performance homogenous light to highlight outlines. The fitting has 100 LEDs/m. SMD Nichia Side View enclosed in special flexible polymer material, which allow the product to be bent into different winding shapes and the product is protected against UV rays thanks to the silicone outer shell.


Architect and Project Director: Carmen Sánchez Ortiz
Technical Architect: Curro Sánchez Caballero
Contractor: UTE San Agustín
Installer: PROSEMAR, S.L. Instalaciones eléctricas

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