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Ulloa Optic Urquijo · Madrid
Ulloa Optic Urquijo · Madrid

Grupo MCI participated in the lighting project of the new Ulloa Optic, designed by the interior design studio Isabel López Vilalta Associates, located at Marqués de Urquijo street, Madrid.

To illuminate the displays, the projector Bull 10W, from Flexalighting, was installed.

The Bull Base range offers projectors for wall or ceiling installation, where the minimalist and sophisticated design comes together with an innovative dissipation concept to guarantee remarkable lightness of the luminaire combined with excellent management of heat flows. The use of high quality LED COB, with CRI 85 and CRI 93, is combined with extremely efficient and clean 36°, 46° and 60° optics, offering a luminous flux up to 1040 lm. Different color temperatures are available; 2700K, 3000K and 4000K.

The windows have become a fundamental tool to catch the eyes and attract potential customers. Technically and artistically 50% of the success of the displays depends on its showcase lighting. Displays should surprise and excite in order to make people want to enter the shop, to find out more about what is on offer. We must to be different from our competitors, If not we are one more.

Coco Chanel, the famous French fashion designer, used to say "there is no second chance to make a good first impression".

Below you will find some key factors to consider when you light up displays:
1. Plan your space with flexible fittings. It is very important to design displays where the fittings are mobile and allow adapting both the type of light and its direction depending on what you want to highlight.
2. Analyze the environment before you start to plan a display. Natural light, the windows from your competitors around you and what customers will see up to his eyes.
3. Play with light. A display should excite and transmit sensations. Light is the perfect ally to design dramatic effects, play with the shadows, and attract the attention of potential customers. Kaoru Mende, the prestigious and well-known Japanese Lighting Designer, says: "To illuminate I focus on the management of the shadows, not on the light itself."
There are two types of light beams that can be achieve, and ideally is make a combined use of the two:
Intensive or direct light: is concentrated at one point, their concentration is 80% and 20% dispersion.
Extensive or indirect light: its concentration is zero, is dispersed in full; colors and objects are seen perfectly without producing shadows.

With these lights we can get two types of spots light:
Faint and soft: they transmit tranquility and are soft, comfortable, natural and environmental.
Strong or hard: caused by direct light, they have a much more aggressive and theatrical effect.

4. Be careful with the light direction. Do not blind the customer with spotlights misguided and redirect light where is needed. Sometimes we tend to illuminate windows in excess and we generate confusion among customers. It is essential to redirect light there where you want to emphasize a product. Show off your best products, "Less is more".


Client: Ulloa Optician
Surface: 225 m2
Location: Marqués de Urquijo, 5. Madrid
Photography: Alejo Bagué
Team: Isabel López • Marta Alonso • Jordi García • Núria Ballesteros • Joan Salvadó

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