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Venero · Barcelona
Venero · Barcelona

Recently, in one of the trendiest neighborhoods of Barcelona, Poblenou, a new temple for skater lovers; VENERO BCN was inaugurated.

GRUPO MCI participated in the project providing two different types of lighting solutions. Adjustable LED projectors for three phase's rail track system in two different color temperatures (3000K and 4000K), and power consumption (30W and 38W).

These types of adjustable projectors are very suitable for shops and commercial lighting spaces due to its high efficiency and versatility.

To achieve different lighting effects, these projectors incorporate different optical options. Concentrate beam angles (15 °) for accent lighting or to highlight different architectural areas, or open beams angles (38º), to illuminate general spaces, wall washing effects, surfaces or elements of larger exposure.

Venero BCN is a concept store that offers a shopping experience for skateboarders and others who are attracted to this lifestyle. The shop has a workshop where you can assemble your own new board, repair the old one or add accessories. In addition, the store has a small patio where customers can have a drink and relax while looking out over the beautiful vertical garden.


Interior & Visual Merchandising: BCN Feng Shui & Roberto Domínguez

Product installed:
One Light by GRUPO MCI

Venero BCN

Pol.Industrial El Regàs C/dels Oficis, 25B
Gavà Barcelona (Spain)
T. + 34 93 630 28 00
F. + 34 93 630 29 66