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Waterfalls Mall, Kuwait
Waterfalls Mall, Kuwait

After several months of installation the Waterfalls Mall; Kuwait's premier full LED lighted shopping centre, finishes the highly complex RGB outdoor and indoor installation.

The main architectural highlight in the shopping centre is the waterfall, part of the impressive colour changing façade where the MCI team has developed special custom made wall washers adapted to the site conditions.

The tower is lit with LedFloodStrip® RGB "custom made" shining the balconies and highlighting architectural elements on the building.

Landscape areas and interiors include over 356 embedded floor lights type Glow which at the same time works as a guiding light from the outdoor areas to inside.

The Waterfall and its side elements include over 100 meters of custom made wall washers which will create different moods and allow changing continuously the exterior appearance of the spectacular glass pavilion.

All interior handrails, in total over 1,500 units, are connected to the RGB control system as well as the elevator lights which show the level the elevator is at each moment.

The control system is a complete technical room including PC with Mundosoft software; 10 fibre optic cables converters to transmit the data to the different areas, each controlled with an independent IP driver. The Rack is constantly cooled and sealed against dust and humidity.

Inside the pavilion a substantial number of artificial lakes are filled with Fibre optics strings providing an impression in the water when highlighting the glass balls laying in the water.

The Waterfalls Mall will open its door to the public soon and for sure be one of the main attractions of the new Kuwait architecture.

Due to this fantastic job several other constructions in the city of Kuwait have approached the LED LIGHTING "know how" of MCI which by the time is becoming one of the main LED lighting references in the Middle East.

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